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Where are you from, Vinglers?
Just curious where everyone is from? I'm from the U.S, was born in Vietnam, and now living in Seoul, South Korea. How about you Vinglers?
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Missouri USA. Born and Raised ( with a few stints in Taiwan, Japan, China and California ;)
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@maracarrero,Puerto Rico is a familiar name in beauty paegants,like when your country's beauty appeared and said her name together with this line,'I'm from Puerto Rico' :-) The Carribean is a beautiful place. @ugsi,thanks,will look it up..that's quite a small country you got there.
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hi all.. i guess this post has been here from a long time.. let me add a new country,.. i'm from India !!
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Hi, you already know from my profile that I represent Romania, a small country from Europe...But, still, small doesn't mean insignificant...:)
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am from INDIA :)))) love this site & vingling happily !!!!!
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