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The preview for episode 15 of Joseon Gunman has come early this week, and it is full of surprises! It’s a completely new chapter for Yoon Kang this week, but he’s still a masked gunman, and if Choi Won Shin ever survived his death scene last episode, this preview gives no indication at all. Previews tend to be misleading though, but if someone is to take up the torch as Yoon Kang’s main antagonist, then it looks like it’ll be Hye Won. Also, it appears Yoon Kang isn’t done with assuming more disguises, as he appears in front of Minister Kim with a mustache and a touch of gray on his head … Is he trying to fool the minister or is this a time jump? Episode 15 Video Preview Translation (c/o yoonmi66 & Tencent) Ok Kyun: I gave you the gun to save people, not to kill. Yoon Kang: I really don’t know if this is the right thing to do. Je Mi: Save me! Sang Choo: Hyung-nim! Yoon Kang: Sang-choo! Yoon Kang: Surrender all your slave contracts. Quickly! Hye Won: Park Yoon-kang must die. Yoon Kang: If the Sugu faction collapses, does that mean my father’s name will be cleared? Kanemaru: Is that the only way we can meet him? Yoon Kang: If we want to meet that person, this is the only way. Minister Kim: Fine. Why did you want to see me?
I am seriously loving this drama ahhh
Omg I loved this. My sister loved Jun ki a lot so I showed the pic to her. She didn't recognize him! The disguise is actually effective then.
omooo...im.so happy about the ending of joseon gunman...now the drama is finish im gonna miss them specially lee joo ki...hmmmmmm...oppa...your ao awesome until in the end..
this drama so nice....supper love it