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I’m not a fan of amnesia and time jumps as plot devices. One is overused and the latter speeds up a character’s growth process; I don’t like to be deprived of witnessing the journey. Having said all that, I will watch this week’s episodes with an open mind. I am, however, relieved that Gun’s memory troubles were resolved within a single episode. It was just a bad week for our OTP. Not having seen the two recent episodes yet, I’d assume this week was also [internally] transformative for them. Speaking of change … if there was something good to come out of episode 12, it was that Gun’s long hair had been laid to rest. The time jump has been kind to his look, giving us a stylishly mussed up hair. He’s sexymazing!
I'm with you! That hair had to go. Lol. I wish his laugh would too.
meow.... he looks so good! Cant wait for next epi!!!!
Can't wait to Thursday
I agree! did not like the amnesia but glad it wasn't dragged on for more than an episode. I actually DO love his crazy laugh for some reason. It makes me laugh :)
@chasinghapiness at least this amnesia was slightly different... he ran away in fear of his family sickness... made it all the sadder!
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