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Warning: This post contains spoilers, so, read and watch at your own risk! The following thoughts are cross-posted on Soompi (because I’m lazy). I can’t believe the writer went there! In any other drama, the cat-and-mouse game between the hero and the perceived archenemy would have protracted until the final episode, but this drama is not afraid to let things develop at a natural pace. There’s no need to prolong the inevitable and unnecessary for the sake of filling in airtime. It’s refreshing. What now? Will Won Shin’s death finally bring Yoon Kang some peace? How will Yoon Kang clear his name since he is still a wanted man? Will he help the King? If so, how? With her business ruined, and now, her father killed by the man who rejected her, will Hye Won be a full-on baddie? I love that there are still more questions to answer even after [it appears] Yoon Kang has accomplished his mission. If Choi somehow lives, then, it could inversely mirror Yoon Kang’s early assassination and subsequent survival. Who knows if Choi will survive, and the show has many villains to fulfill the role of Yoon Kang’s primary nemesis. So many possibilities, and we have to wait for a preview to even begin to guess the next developments. I like that the direction of the story has become more unpredictable, so, I’m looking forward to next week!