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Gun will have amnesia, a symptom of his disease, and according to this preview, the angst for this episode will sting us, but it might not scar us. Or am I being too hopeful? I’d like to think Gun’s secretary will be instrumental in recovering his memory. Mi Young’s diary sure will be. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22w9wz_lovethatismeantobe_creation Episode 11 Video Preview Translation (c/o gumi from Soompi) Gun: Sera! Where have you been? Sera: I will quit ballet now and only look at you. Gun: Kim MiYoung? Kim MiYoung … sounds familiar. (Literally easy to mouth … he feels familiar saying the name) Sera: You think you are that important to Gun? Tak: This is not right, really. Gun: You … know me, right? Mi Young: What if it’s really his disease? If that’s the case, our Gun is too pitiful … Gun: I feel like I’ve forgotten something very important.