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I’m rethinking about watching this week’s episodes … Every nightmare that Fated to Love You fans wished would never come true might happen this week, and the dreaded tragedy in the Taiwanese version might just carry over in the Korean remake. These stills are bad news! In them, Lee Gun is hysterical as the ER staff tries to help Mi Young who is bleeding and her neck in a brace, her health clearly in a critical state. The scene suggests that Mi Young was in an accident, perhaps a fall. Will the Korean version continue to steer away from the original and give their baby a chance to survive? Based on his overwrought reaction in this scene, Gun has recovered from the amnesia, but I really hope it won’t take a heart-rending circumstance to shake him out of it!
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I had really been hoping they wouldn't go down this road. Why??? Such a heart wrenching couple of scenes... had a big ole box of tissues next to me... cried and cried and cried some more. I love this drama and am hopeful for it!