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Save 30% on MyProtein Impact Whey with code "BEST" Valid until 8/18/14 Hey guys! I came across an article that I really didn't like. I decided to discuss what was wrong with it and some supplements that you may actually want to consider spending your money on. Thanks for watching and make sure to give this video a "Like"! Don't Forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Like me on Facebook Follow me on Instagram
I just felt the need because I swear vendors will tell you anything and people will dish out their money like it's nothing!
I was guilty of falling for the cheap protein drinks when I started really working out :/
Preach hahah I can't stand when my buddies talk about supplements without even looking into it.
I am glad you posted this. So many people fall for the tricks of advertising, especially when you're willing to do anything to reach your fitness goals. This is so important for fit guys and gals to learn!!