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I don’t think Joseon Gunman will let us down this week! (Actually, I hope the 2-episode extension won’t affect this week’s pace and developments.) There’s a kiss between the OTP and intense jail cell confrontation between Yoon Kang and Won Shin! I’m really more interested in the kiss ;) Episode 12 ended with Yoon Kang and Soo In’s hug, and it looks like tomorrow, it will soon be followed by a kiss. To convey all the nostalgia and deep emotions pouring out from this intimate reunion, Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi were committed to filming the scene many times. There were NGs as their tears apparently flowed like a storm. ;) Their tear ducts and lips got quite an exhaustive drill, but in Nam Sang Mi’s place, I’d do it over and over for no pay at all! Check out the new stills and the preview! Episode 13 Video Preview Episode 13 Video Preview Translation (c/o Tencent) Won Shin: A heinous criminal is recklessly wandering around prison. Yoon Kang: You are in prison, yet still controlling everything that is happening outside. YK: I’m already prepared for victory. YK: If you really wish the best for your daughter, be responsible for your actions. WS: This is the gun that was used to kill your father. WS: The time of your death has arrived … today.
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