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This letter is very short sighted. In my case, as a young boy one of the first things I ever constructed on my own was my love of fishing. I remember catching a grasshopper and using it for bait and within just a few seconds of tossing it in the creek behind my house. I don't recall the outcome, but the excitement was all it took to make me determined to be a fisherman. I then saved up my meager allowance (earned from doing chores) until I had enough to send off for the brand new Zebco spincast rod and reel combo that was advertised in a magazine I had. I'd say I got quite a bit out of becoming a fisherman. I feel so sorry for this boy, if this is a real letter, being punished for this is senseless.
Honestly If I was her grandson I wouldn't talk to her for such a long time and if she asked why I would just be like you ruined my childhood and I just rather not speak to you
@mcgraffy @vincentsoda97 Yeah! That's the best way, especially if he knows what he wants. She's not respecting him so he should be the bigger person
Eww! Why doesn't she have any respect for her grandson?!
She would some how try to find an argument
@vincentsoda97 haha!!! that's really clever....she probably wouldn't even realize the truth of that though
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