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While there is a time and place for creature soft plastics in pitching and flipping, that's usually not what you're gonna go with. Instead, most flipping jigs feature sharply pointed noses, a good weedguard, full skirts, a big, sharp, thick wire hook and a rattle. You gotta be careful that the hook is all the way exposed, and a good keeper is on there to keep the plastic off the hook shank. We all know how horrible it is to miss a fish because the trailer is covering up the hook point. If you're going to use soft plastics, you have to get the best quality hooks you can and check them for sharpness occasionally, as they can be bent and worn down by structures in the water and general wear and tear. Also, round bend hooks have a wider gap than sproat bends, so you want to use those. That extra wide gap will help you, but you've gotta make sure you use heavy wire hooks if you are gonna choose a wide opening hook or else it might spring open if you get a big fish on there! If you're going to Texas rig your flip (soft plastic) bait, make sure to peg the weight so you don't end up with the weight and bait on different areas, because that's really gonna hinder your success!
Do you have a favorite color? @mcgraffy
@dougjohnson definitely. I'll put up what i think about the seasonal timing eventually but this is just a more general overview
I prefer jigs over the plastics too but some seasons (aka summer....) really require plastics for pitching I think