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Weighing the line is also a part of lure awareness when jig fishing. What does this mean? It means that you need to know what your jig feels like when there is no fish on it. If you don't know this feeling, you won't be able to recognize what it feels like when there is a fish on it. Any change, heavier or lighter, calls for a swing on it to set the hook. Swings are free remember, but you can't "redo" a missed hookset on the bite you didn't notice. Fall rate (or how fast the lure sinks into the cover) is really affected by choice of fishing line, but line is not something you can change as conveniently as a trailer or jig weight. So you need to know your line! Always remember that line only "sometimes" acts according to how you expect it to! You have to master line control, guys, and that's an art...not a science!
@mcgraffy great, thanks!
@happyrock best to practice in the water as much as you can--you won't be able to feel how different things affect it otherwise
Is the best way to practice line control just pitching at home or on the lake? @mcgraffy