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During spawning: At this time they’re not nearly as focused on eating as they are reproducing, so it seems like they prefer baits that are a little smaller, which is when Texas-rigged plastics can be a great thing to use. Try a Strike King Rodent in any water conditions, but mostly if stained or muddy. If clear, use a 4" Strike King Game Hawg in candy craw color--you'll get some sweet hits. I rig them with a 1/4 oz tungsten. After spawn: I usually go back to the jig at that time! 3/4 oz jib on thick line because of all the cover I"m going to be hitting--especially in shallow water. Bass will be near their fry, so if you hit up big wood cover you'll have good luck. Bluegill are spawning at this time too, so the jig imitates that profile well--green pumpkin with some chartreuse will imitate the colors of the bass's primary food source at this time. When it's hot: Plastics are back! 10" worms in deep brush mean good success, even though every bass isn't going to be deep because of the heat. If you're targeting the bass in more shallow, 18 to 25 ft ranges, deep diving crankbaits are actually more productive than either trigs or traditional jigs. Moving into fall: Jibs in shallow water are the golden jig once again.
@mcgraffy mind if I try to turn this into a chart?
@happyrock yeah it can be confusing, i think to learn about more as in "where are the bass and what works for them" because every year is a little different, so the timing is going to be different from year to year
I think I'm gonna get confused with all those season changes @mcgraffy