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Full Sun Flower: Tithonia
Tithonia, or Mexican sunflower, is definitely a sun lover. Give it a hot, sunny sight and it could easily reach heights of 5 - 8 ft. It may need some support or staking, especially in windy sites. You can direct sow seeds, after danger of frost, or start them indoors, 4 - 6 weeks before you set them out. Don't rush them. The seedlings can stunt if exposed to cold temperatures.
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Oh these are lovely! Would they do well in an Arizona climate @Sjeanyoon? I'm always looking for thing that will grow in the desert.
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@pixiedust definitely! These thrive in northern Mexico so the Arizona climate would be perfect :)
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beautiful sunflowers indeed but for me, i love these b/c they kind of reminds me of daisies too...
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