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Flipping is a technique that I only use in extremely heavy cover. You use the same rod and reel for flipping as for pitching...just at closer quarters. Flipping basically means to get right on top of the fish and drop the bait on their head. There are folks that think you should flip in dark water rather than pitched, but I don't follow these "rules." I pretty much prefer pitching to flipping at all times, but there are some heavy cover situations where pitching just won't cut it, and that's when I flip. When this happens, I go the boat as far int he cover as the can (sometimes without knowing if I'll be able to get out!) then poke around through the reeds and tree limbs until I get to a place where I can drop the lure straight down. Don't try to thin it out to make it easier to fish: the fish are in that heavy cover for a reason! Don't break off limbs, don't move too much. Most times, you will only ruin the fish-holding properties of the spot if you do that. Besides, you will clue other anglers like me into your honey holes when I see broken tree limbs and reeds there!
@mcgraffy try it out-i think you'd enjoy it!
@yakwithalan that makes sense. heavy cover is the only thing that forces me to push past the sledge but that might change in a kayak
I feel like I flip more than boat fisherman because the kayak can really smoothly glide into areas where flipping is more successful @mcgraffy
@happyrock that's how I see it, but some might disagree
So its like 90% pitching and 10% flipping? Do i need to learn to flip then?