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Auggie has craniofacial abnormalities and has been homeschooled. Until now. Now he enters fifth grade and learns to deal with other students, teachers, and parents. R.J. Palacio does a masterful job writing characters who are initially curious, then get to know the real Auggie, others who are nice to him, until peer pressure makes them say cruel things, and his nemesis, who is all solicitous until the adults aren't around. While I still have my doubts about the somewhat pat ending, it's a great book, and is usually sold from student to student in my library. Mainly a 6th grade appeal, although older students would enjoy if they got past reading about a younger student.
@onesmile,I need to dig up the study that showed people who read fiction have more empathy. Also, kids who read Harry Potter are more open to friendships with children of different ethnic backgrounds. Fiction is great! :)
This is really interesting! I feel like students who read these kind of stories can get a better idea of how to handle a little less traditional friends in their classes
Sounds like a great idea for a story!