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Another great way to use up those extra cookies you surely have (unless your daughter is a total pro at selling them, we all know we've bought more than enough boxes!) All it takes is adding a thin mint to your typical s'more, and you're good to go! Replace the usual chocolate with a thin mint, and this recipe is complete! ingredients: large campfire marshmallows honey graham crackers chocolate bars broken into halves Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies or nutella, coconut, nuts, whatever you crave a hot fire a lot of patience Step 1: Choose the perfect grilling utensil. Select something long and hopefully semi-straight. Where are all of those old dry-cleaner hangers when you need them? Will a stick work best? But how sharp will the end need to be? Maybe you should give in and invest in some permanent tools. Step 2: Take position. Aim for the center of the longest part of the mallow. Keep it steady and straight, striking through the other end while careful not to pierce it too far or else removing marshmallow post-roasting will prove gooey. Step 3: Claim your territory. Analyze the fire. Where are the flames flickering the hardest and where are the embers burning brightest? If you like a lightly toasted marshmallow, go for the embers nestled under the woods. If you prefer a charred mess, head straight for the flames. Step 4: Watch it or you’re toast. Carefully rotate marshmallow. Beware of lopsided roasting which could result in a dropped s’more. Or worse, a flaming mallow. Get out of there soldier, get out! It only takes a second too long in the heat of the moment before your s’more goes up in flames. Step 5: Put ingredients on standby. Graham crackers? Check. Chocolate? Check. Mint Girl Scout Cookies? Check and check!! Step 6: Open mouth and devour. Have wet wipes and large glass of milk nearby for clean up support.