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HSK 5 Vocabulary 8
1.复制 fùzhì to duplicate 这件复制品几乎与愿做无异。The reproduction is almost as good as the original. 2.拐弯 guǎiwān to turn a corner 他思想一时还拐不过弯来。 He hasn't straightened out his thoughts yet. 3.华裔 huáyì Ethnic Chinese 他是华裔美国人。 He's an American of Chinese descent. 4.联合 liánhé to join, to unite 中国是联合国的创始会员国之一。 China is one of the founding members of the UN. 5.朴素 pǔsù simple, unadorned 房间里的陈设朴素大方。The room was furnished simply and in good taste.
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