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Cyclist Aaron Rush had his brand new mountain bike stolen and if the thief who took his bike wasn't aware of his mistake he certainly is now. Aaron posted a letter all around where his bike was stolen the night before. The letter was picked up and spread rapidly through social media and eventually U.K. news sites. In his letter Aaron tells the bike thief that not only is his face caught on CCTV, but Rush had also put a GPS device hidden in his bike. Aaron was prepared so well because of he previously lost a bike to thieves. Aaron then informs the thief that he knows where he lives and offered not to involve the cops if his bike is returned by the end of the week. Aaron is only a student with a part time job so money is not very expendable for him. The GPS device now seems to be disabled, but fortunately he has an address and a face to go along with the theft. Let's hope that Aaron gets his bike back!
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That thief stole the wrong bike!
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That's karma for you!
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