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'May Queen' is an underdog story about a woman named Chun Hae Ju, played by actress Han Ji Hye, who overcomes hardship and unfortunate events and eventually realizes her dream. Main Cast: Han Ji Hye, Kim Jae Won, Jae Hee Description Directed by Baek Ho-min (백호민) Screenplay by Son Yeong-mok (손영목) MBC Drama| Airing dates : 2012/08/18__~Upcoming 32 episodes - Sat, Sun 21:50 Synopsis A success story drama about characters related to ships. Cast: Han Ji-hye 한지혜 as Jeon Hae-joo (전해주) Kim Jae-won 김재원 as Kang-San Jae Hee 재희 as Chang-hee Lee Deok-hwa 이덕화 Yang Mi-kyeong 양미경 Kim Gyoo-cheol 김규철 etc... this is another drama that i am excited about... i like the 2 adult lead males and the young lead female.. i just found these pictures from facebook and i don't know the meaning coz it's in korean.. please translate if you know it..
yeah.. moon that embraces the sun child actors are great too.. don't you think so.?. that little girl is also the child actress,kim yoo jung in TMTETS with yeo jin goo, lee min ho (the one in rooftop prince, not our magnificent lee min ho, mind you)..they were superb there, so heartbreakingly awesome..
this is a good one...It is to the first time when i'm not bored at the childhood part....