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As requested, here's my little recap for the last episode... get your tissue boxes ready darlings! =================================== Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 22 The battle continues at Gwanghwa Island. The ministers all panic as they see the French army taking away food, books, and killing everyone. They all start blaming each other but Ha Eung (HE) steps up and says "Let me lead the army myself into battle!" The other ministers mock him and say "What happens if you lose - your political career will be OVER." HE turns to them and says "What if I win??? Havent you learned, that doing nothing is the worst thing in times of crisis" *swoooon so cool* HE decides to recruit the warriors that hunt lions to help him fight off the invaders. Jin Hyuk also asks to go along to cos Young-rae is on the battlefield. Yi Han (YH) goes to ask Kyung Tak (KT) to join him on the battlefield and tells him that it's HE's specific request. KT mocks him of course, and keeps drinking his sorrows away. YH tells him that it's his one chance to restore the glory of his family name. HE sets off for battle the next day and... is joined by KT! They discuss battle strategy - the French army has powerful cannons (on wheels whats more!) and well, HE and gang are scared. They decide to wait till the next day for supplies before attacking. HE is discussing strategy with KT, and when HE's back is turned, KT starts to draw his sword to try to kill him..... OMO... but at this moment dr Jin runs in - ruining KT's moment. Looks like he'll have to wait to exact his revenge. In the meantime the evil ministers meet with the French Army to give them a map of Ganghwa Island. They're trying to help them defeat HE - super evil! Sacrificing the lives of innocents just for their selfish purposes. Back to HE's tent - KT disregards Dr Jin and makes a lunge for HE. He pulls out his sword and a struggle ensues, and in the end Dr Jin pins KT down. BUT, they hear canons from afar ... the French army is drawing near, no time for this domestic violence nonsense boys! They hurriedly make plans and Dr Jin comes up with the idea of attacking the French army from both sides to distract them. Dr Jin leaves to inform the other army camp, but he has one request - he asks that KT be released also to protect Youngrae. The 2 men arrive at the other army camp and meet Youngrae there. They prepare for battle and heal as many sick soldiers as possible. BATTLE STARTS. ohhhh KT leads the men from the city, but... they are getting slaughtered. nooo... the French Army manages to enter the city, and they pounce upon Youngrae and Jin Hyuk. ahhhhh! KT rushes in to save them though - he's already wounded. KT fends off the invaders while Jin Hyuk hides Youngrae. but one man is not enough.... KT gets stabbed repeatedly by the French army, and he finally falls to his feet. Jin Hyuk manages to kill the last French soldier, but it's too late... nooo... KT lies on the ground, and Youngrae runs to him sobbing. She tries to stop the bleeding but it's too late. KT grabs her hand and says, "Miss Hong, I have something to say to you. No matter what everyone says, you will always be mine." ahhhhhhhhhhh. i dont know what to say. Can you guys feel my pain??? KT's tears roll down his face, and he dies. Youngrae keeps trying to stop the blood, but she watches him die before her eyes and she cant stop crying either. She suddenly collapses too (looks like fate is too strong...) Jin Hyuk tries to save Youngrae but... she tells him to go back to his own era, back to his future. He cries and says "I couldnt save my own love, but you... you I must save." nooooooooo.... why is everyone dying.... the attack to save Ganghwa Island seems to work, and Yi Han comes to the army camp only to find that KT is dead. He holds him in his arms and wails - omg it is the most heartbreaking cry ever. damn. this is the 2nd time I'm watching this and still I'm crying... Scene switches back to Dr Jin. He manages to stitch up Youngrae, but just then, another French soldier comes over and stabs him. He staggers away, and falls... and.... FLASHBACK TIME.... Dr Jin returns to his future. He's back on his hospital bed, and his beloved Min-Na is still in a coma. His fellow doctor tells him that he was found on Ganghwa Island dressed in weird clothes, and that they removed a big tumour from his head. No one recalls that he had operated on a tumour patient earlier. Some things have changed... but Jin Hyuk is not sure what... Min Na suddenly goes into cardiac arrest, and Jin Hyuk starts performing CPR on her (very vigorously I must say! you guys have to watch to know what I mean) Jin Hyuk keeps trying to revive her and refuses to give up... and suddenly, she comes back to life. Flashback to Youngrae, who wakes up in the Joseon Dynasty too. Jin meets a young Choon Hong and tells her "When you meet me in the future, please tell me that Min Na is ok. She didnt die." Jin Hyuk realises that the mysterious man he saw before he went back in time was actually another version of him, who came back to the future so he could change the course of time. He goes to flip the history books (can I just interrupt here to say SONG SEUNG HUN IS GORGEOUS) and realises that Youngrae is okay. Min-Na finally wakes up and says "Oppa... I had a long, really strange dream. I called you Dr Jin in that dream. Isnt that strange..." ============= END ================== I have to say I have mixed feelings about Dr Jin. While I loved Jaejoong sooo much, but the script in general seemed weak. The time travel was more a distraction than in QIHM, where it was the core of the story and kept so many of us engaged. My fav part of this drama has to be the bromance betweeen Jaejoonga nd Jin Yi han. How about you guys??? Hope you liked this recap!!! Leave a comment to tell me what you think! sorry its sooo long hee
@Serinade YESSSS BRIDAL MASK IS REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!! i'm sad, i dont have time to watch all the dramas though so I always read leegloria's recaps, but I think she's been busy so she doesnt post that often anymore. Bridal Mask = HIGHLY recommended :)
@pansybella oooh I forgot to say i LOVEEE your comments i totally agree, i think seeing strong relationships is what makes a show gripping and engaging for us... just like in QIHM! in Dr Jin, it just wasnt really there....
@pansybella ohhh u watched it too?! i know I also dont know that part was super bizarre. it DEFINITELY wasnt his imagination, but I couldnt understand why he suddenly appeared. =(
btw i wana ask how can Lee Ha-eung (king's dad) go to the future to meet jin??it's not his imagination right?
I think the main leads are boring to watch because not just because the script is weak, but also because there's actually no apparent LOVE between youngrae and dr jin...well atleast no love from dr jin anyway, so the whole thing seems to be focusing on the surgeries and politics....and i think it's nopt fair on youngrae in a way because there's only a couple of scenes featuring Mila so we suppose youngrae is the main character....but sadly she didn't end up with jin and he doesn't love her back, so that is what makes it boring....but since the supporting casts like Jaejoong and Jin Yi han, the king's dad are great, plus an original great plot, all these combine together do not make this drama seems that bad~it's still an interesting, breath taking and touching drama in my opinion<3
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