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I don’t think anyone will be shocked to read in When Elephants Weep that elephants weep, but it’s a nice reminder in case you’ve forgotten. I am a ginormous sucker for those videos where lions are reunited with their caregivers to the tune of Aerosmith and photos of chimpanzees mourning the loss of loved ones, so it was masochistic of me to read this. If you pick up this book, I promise you dancing squirrels, bashful gorillas, and spiteful killer whales. And Jane Goodall herself, the freaking MAN when it comes to animal behavior, called this book “marvelous.” What else do you want to know? One note: I wouldn’t suggest reading Elephants if you are only interested in being informed about vegetarianism or the meat industry. Read it when you feel like crawling into a tiny ball in the corner of your bathroom and sobbing into the bath mat. When I did it, my cat came and licked away my tears. AND BACK TO THE SOBBING.
My friend was recommending I read this after I read Elephant Memories by Cynthia Moss but that was so heartbreaking I'm not sure I could take it.
@caricakes its a really powerful read!
I've been meaning to read this!!!