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2NE1 and Wonder Girls were recently voted the girl groups most likely to succeed in the United States. The online education group Seven Edu did a survey beginning July 27 through August 9 asking 378 people and 2NE1 ranked first (184 people, 49 percent) and Wonder Girls ranked second (50 people, 13 percent). Cha Gil Young, president of the group says, “Will.I.Am, who produced 2NE1′s US debut EP, visited Korea in May and met Yang Hyun Seok, president of YG Entertainment. Will.I.AM also talked with Teddy, a main producer for the agency, about 2NE1 performing in the US. 2NE1 will go on a global tour in New Jersey and Los Angeles and I think that’s why people voted for the group as the girl group most likely to succeed in the US.” “The Wonder Girls are also receiving a lot of attention from their song “Like Money” and that helped them get the votes as group most likely to succeed in the US as well.” 2NE1 will start their global tour on August 17 and will attend the ‘JYP Nation,’ which will be held in Japan, on August 18 and 19. Source: Starnews