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8/12 fishing
stopped by the local lake for a couple hours. fishing was pretty. slow until this 2 pounder hit my chatterbait. It was the first time ive used a chatterbait. I rigged it skirtless with a keitech swing impact.
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Never been productive on a chatterbait--good catch
3 years ago·Reply
Love to see a guy happy to have a great catch :) @Tbn1587
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thanks for the compliment guys. @mcgraffy and @yakwithalan i slow rolled and every once in a while i changed it mid reel and popped it up and down yo-yo method. This would seem to trigger a strike everytime. Oh yeah, ive also read that if you remove the skirt and add a swimbait or grub it changes to a more accurate profile. this also goes for spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. seems to have worked!! good luck and tight lines fellas!
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@Tbn1587 Great! Thanks for the advice! I'll give it a try.
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@Tbn1587 Cool, thanks. I gotta try it.
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