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A famous Korean female star, Go So-young (Jang Dong-Gun's wife) was on TV program (which is very rare. She hasn't appeared on TV for like 8years except some commercials). I was watching the program, and saw her nails - They were really bright blue color, and I immediately fell in love! So, I went to the nail salon and got my nails done with the similar color! The staff hasn't seen the program so she wasn't sure which one will be the best selection, so I chose by myself. It turned out what I chose is glossier than hers, but I like it anyway! It was really bright, beautiful blue <333 I have to remove them exactly 6days later and I've never gotten to put the same color again until now.. But I wanna buy a nail polish with the same color! It was from China Glaze, but I don't know the exact name/number of the product.... Anyway, try this bright blue nails for summer! It will make you feel cool~ (^^)
@sarahphang5 indeed, indeed! I need to find a good blue one as well before the summer's gone!
I had my nails painted with this blue color,cool indeed!