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Hitmaker Big Bottle
BTOB, VIXX, and GOT7 fans are going to have serious fun that their biases Sungjae, N, Hyuk, and Jackson are forming a project group named 'Big Bottle' for MBC Every1's 'Hyung Don and Dae Joon's Hitmaker'. The comedic duo even named themselves 'Brave Duble Tiger' a combination of the three hitmakers. Their first project group would be 'Big Bottle' and will be releasing a single titled 'Stress C'mon'. A hilarious MV teaser is released showing the the boys carrying water containers on the streets. The four idol members even get their stage names as well; Sungjae as Yook Duk, N as Cha Dolbaek-ee, Hyuk as Hyuk Di, and Jackson as Wang Kong. Their hilarious gangsta concept is something to look forward to and seems like they will release the song on 19th.
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I heard that all of the money they raise will end up going to charity. I hope thats true!! I love Hakyeon and Hyukkie so much haha
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@honeysoo i hope that's true! That would be soo nice!!
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I freaking LOVE the lyrics to this song. I have to download this.
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