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I was somewhat put off by the title 'Fluent In 3 Months' since I am quite firmly of the opinion that no one can become fluent in another language in 3 months. Conversational? Perhaps. Advanced speaker? Unlikely. Fluent? Definitely not. I guess a lot of this is to do with my definition of fluent. For me fluency implies almost native level ability, an understanding of the country, culture and customs of the people - that can't be learnt in 3 months even if you live in that country for 3 months. That said the more I read Benny's blog, the more I really identify with his love of languages and travelling and his approach to language learning. If you're a budding polyglot like me or simply interested in picking up a new language, be sure to check out his site!
I'm incredibly sceptical of the idea that you can be fluent in three months. Maybe if you're a native speaker of English then it's reasonably easy to achieve a decent level of conversation after three months but give someone Russian or Japanese and ask them to do the same? No chance
I'm with both @maryjane01 and @funkystar25 at this one, '3 months' just seems like a marketing ploy to get more attention however well that was intended. That being said, I used the website to reinforce my french back to C1 level. The community is really helpful and it is really easy to find people to talk to on Skype.
I don't know..I think it depends on the person as well. I think if you were really committed and spent all day studying / interacting in that language then you'd probably see fairly fast progression, especially in a language close to your mother tongue...
As someone who speaks Russian I can honestly say it takes significantly longer than 3 months to achieve anything close to fluency...