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KCON 2014!

Hi guys! So this year I got the opportunity to go to KCON for only Sunday, but it was still amazing! I took a lot of photos, videos, and I can also tell you in detail how amazing the experience was! Before I start putting up all the details though, I have a HUGE favor to ask for you guys. I have a friend that is a HUGE BTS fan and there is a contest that is giving away a BTS album and in order to win it they so it by points. How do I earn those points? Just simply clicking the link: http://bit.ly/1lSYW9Q and hitting connect will give me some points. Now you may be thinking it's some type of virus or something, but I swear to you that's it not. In fact it's actually a KCON related thing which is why I posted under KCON because the link is a link to a recap video of KCON 2014, which you may also watch. I would really appreciate it if you guys help me win this for my friend. Please share and support. And I will start posting beautiful things about KCON soon. Thank you! Peace! :)
really looking forwards to your KCON posts!
YAAAY Can't wait to hear about it!!!