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For me, home is no longer a place. When I was younger I would return from travelling to our family house, lie in my bed and know that it was "home". Nowadays I don't have that. Home is sitting down to dinner with my family in England...but it's also going out to drink makgeoli with my close friends in Seoul, going out for sushi with my close friends in Tokyo or for noodles with my close friends in Beijing. Home to me is no longer a place but more the feeling of simply being embraced by an old friend.
haha I don't think I'm quite there yet , need to make a few more trips before I get to this stage! @peppermintt where have you lived?
I have moved around so much in my life that I need to specify which 'home' I'm talking about. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a brat when I say "oh in my New York home..."