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These books all feature awesome music, and that makes them awesome books! Welcome to the YA novel work of indie bands, cramped cars and underground shows. I can't wait to read all of these! 1. Exile (Kevin Emerson): Apparently the audiobook version of this novel features original songs from inside the book? 2. The Vinyl Princess (Yvonne Prinz): A protagonist who’s a blogger and publishes zines! 3. The Disenchantments (Nina LaCour): Road trips! Music! Touring! Complicated friendships! LaCour’s novel introduces readers to The Disenchantments, a band hitting the road right out of high school. 4. Audrey, Wait! (Robin Benway): What happens when you break up with the singer of a small rock band, and then find yourself the subject of a massively popular hit single? This. 5. The Sound Of Us (Ashley Poston): Junie, the owner of a failing dive bar, loathes pop music. And surprise! She meets a lead singer, sparks fly, and a charming, funny story unravels. 6. Amplified (Tara Kelly): Rich girl runs off to join band. Enough said! YA and rock music is an ongoing theme in Tara Kelly’s books. Check out Harmonic Feedback, too. 7. Five Flavors Of Dumb (Antony John): Deaf girl manages rock band. I don't know how you're not reading already. The book is a fun, unique ride through the world of rock and roll. 8. So Punk Rock (And Other Ways To Disappoint Your Mother) (Micol Ostow)
@sjeanyoon me too! I wanted to be really deep in the feeling of the novel.
I always loved books that referenced music. I'd make my own playlists afterwards :)