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Came across this, and I can't agree more. Fishing is about more than the catch, and it can do great things for your body and mind, too! 1. Exercise: Wading through rivers and flinging flies or lures at fish for eight hours a day is actually pretty good aerobics. You’re not going to lose weight doing it, but you’ll improve your overall cardiovascular health, especially if you're not doing it on a boat or in a chair. 2. Low Impact Movement: While steep hiking to streams or ponds might stress your knees also, most simple wading while fishing is incredibly low-impact, especially when compared to sports like running. 3. Relaxation: Fishing calms your mind down, plain and simple. Being out in nature, away from the computer and your phone (unless you’re using it for pictures!) lets your brain relax and focus on one simple task – catching fish. Not to mention, sunlight and all the Vitamin D that comes with it are great health benefits to being outside with a fishing rod in hand. 4. Dexterity: Fishing involves a lot of small and intricate movements. As you get older, some of these finer motor skills seem to deteriorate, but fishing can help them stay sharper longer. You’ll also use a lot of muscles that don’t normally get a lot of work when you’re fishing, especially ones in your arms and back. 5. FUN! In the words of the immortal John Gierach, “Fun is something you can’t measure.” Being and feeling happy is something that seems to be harder and harder to achieve these days, and taking time out of life to spend it fishing can work wonders for every area of your life.
@Tbn1587 Right on!!!
@Tbn1587 I don't kayak fish much but I have to agree its definitely more cardio
amen!! kayak fishing is the best. its a crazy workout when paddling through the slop. lol
@yakwithalan @fallingwater Right! Exactly. glad we all know we get some awesome benefits
More reasons to go out fishing more :)
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