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Girl Catches Huge Shark with Huge Gear
IMPRESSED by the power of this young woman to pull in this massive shark! I am so happy that you guys let the shark go, as well. What a display of incredible strength displayed here by the young lady here, and professionalism by you guys letting it go. Cool stuff.
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She's so calm about all this--I can't believe it! I would love to try but I think i'd probably mess it up somehow....why did they keep trying to level her rod? @dougjohnson
3 years ago·Reply
@fallingwater theres a variety of reasons....make sure the line stays on, the rod performs at its best, it doesnt get snapped or tangled, etc.
3 years ago·Reply
@yakwithalan yep!! we should all aim to be that powerful
3 years ago·Reply
@dougjohnson ahh, I see! These kinds of huge rods and heavy tackle are totally new to me!!
3 years ago·Reply
@fallingwater yeah theyre a whole new world!!
3 years ago·Reply