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The way of saying this in Chinese is different to the English. Translating literally they say "Buy 1, send 1" so I guess you could say they're saying "If you buy 1, we'll send you home with another 1 too". The Chinese phrase is “买一个送一个”。 [ mǎi yī gè, sòng yī gè ]. You can see at the bottom of the poster it says 买2个,送一个 so that's saying if you buy 2, then they'll give you 1. *个 can be replaced by other measure words; for example 买一件送一件 when buying clothing.
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Buy 1 get 1 free!! I used to bargain with this all the time, if they wouldn't give me a discount then I'd just demand that they give me two for a cheaper price or even better, bogof!