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Here is a video perfectly displaying why it is dangerous to ride aero bars in a group of cyclists. This cyclist was riding on his aero bars when the rider in front of him had to brake suddenly. Because his hands were nowhere near the brakes and he was in a panic, the cyclist grabbed the front brake. This caused his front wheel to lock, sending him over the handle bars and into the pavement.
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Shit happens, i'm sure he'll realized it.
aerobars aint got nothing to do w his crash.. its his riding knowledge.. i know a cyclist riding a road bike experienced the same crash.. he panic n squeezed the front break so hard.. like doing a front wheelie... he crashed back first, one foot still still in one pedal moaning in pain 馃槥
and why is his front break lever on his right hand?
*brake, i mean
cars brake pedals n gas pedals remains in the same position in australia, uk or japan.. when they moved the stirring wheel to the right..