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What a great set of tutorials! The art of changing the design of the pie crust doesn't take much but the spark of an idea, and this quick video provides you 20 ideas in no time at all! My personal favorite is the leaves! I've tried heart edged crusts before, but I cannot wait to try this leaf design this fall. Which one will you try?
Eeek!! I was thinking "how could she possible teach me anything in 2 minute?!" but I see that you really just need to see the basic idea--can't wait to try a few of these! I'm going to have to go on a pie spree @flourmaniac
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That was WAY too fast to actually learn all of these but a great video overall haha
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How cool! I love the pearl necklace idea.
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so many great baking ideas
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@ChristinaBryce You can never have too many pies! @asparagus It's a great way to gather the basic idea so you can try it yourself. @caricakes It's a beautiful design! Elegance in both its making, and result! @maryjane01 Try them :)
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