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As I'm thinking more and more about the piece I've been sharing about "Home" and what it means to me, I've started reading other peoples works about home as well. What is home to them? What does it mean? I particularly enjoyed this piece by Ruth Behar, even if it was just an exploration I feel she was writing to figure things out for herself, not to enlighten. Even though I am personally at the stage in her story where I think I might travel forever, I can see hints of myself in her future: I gather things I hope to keep forever, but I don't know where forever is. I also don't want to settle forever. But what does that mean for me: caught somewhere between nomad and sheltered? I particularly like the part of the piece where she breaks into a list of what "home" is, though I think it could have been revised to be a bit shorted and thus more impacting. My favorite there definitions were the last three: "Home is that place to which you want to keep returning. Home is that place to which you never again want to return. Home is that place which is unspeakable in the way that Isadora Duncan once remarked that if she could say what it means she wouldn’t have to dance it." Check out the full piece and let me know what you think!
Such an interesting piece, and so much to be learned about learning to think about your home on a more critical level. Home changed throughout your life, but many people don't realize this until it's too late!
I don't know, for me, my home really is largely in the house. But I guess that's because nothing has left it for me, yet. Interesting...
This is an interesting piece. While my parents arent exactly 'nomads' I did spend most of my childhood bouncing between coasts.