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Olympic athletes praised the London Games as the best ever - as the Mayor of London admitted he struggled to hand back the Olympic flag. As thousands of fans and sports stars made their way home they applauded games organisers and volunteers for putting on a show that was the envy of the world. Flying home to California, water polo gold winner Tumua Anae, 23, said: 'The Games were awesome. The people were so good to us. All the volunteers were so friendly and gave us a lot of support. 'I have to say to Britain - you guys did a great job.' An incredible spectacle: London 2012 never looked back after the bewitching opening ceremony Dutch hockey gold medallist Kim Lammers said: 'The volunteers were so great. Everything was so good. The crowd was good and also during our match against GB they were screaming for everybody and it was great. Everything was perfect.' Gymnast Epke Zonderland, returning to Holland with a gold medal for the men's horizontal bar, said it was a 'perfect' experience and 'everything was taken care of'. Belgian Hockey player Jill Boon added: 'It was amazing, London did it well.' As the compliments poured in, London Mayor Boris Johnson - who is riding high in popular opinion for his role in the Games - said he had a 'momentary mad desire' to refuse to give the Olympic flag back to International Olympic Committee boss Jacques Rogge. Read more: ============================================ I'm sure this article is a bit biased (teehee), but I have to say that I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed the London Olympics. At first I was scared cos they were so unprepared, but everything turned out SOOOOOOOOO well. what do you think? Will Rio 2016 be as good?
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That opening ceremony was crazy!!