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Yoko comments on how it's boring to just drive around like this and suggests they go somewhere. Hyuga said he hasn't really thought about that. Yoko is disappointed and mumbles, "so it's not good…" Hyuga feels bad a bit and says he has to go somewhere that's why. Yoko then cheered up again and says let's go next time. Makoto is in her room struggling to forget what she just saw. She decided to call her best friend Haruka but ended up bringing stuff to Haruka who is at a mixer. Makoto does Sadako comedy skit to entertain the guys there. But she suddenly saw Hyuga starring at her. One of the guy knew him and came to bring him over. He told the rest he's friend with Hyuga of Next Innovation. Hyuga of course can't remember the guy and asked who he is. The guy got embarrassed a bit and tried to explain to his friend. Hyuga left to sit at a bar alone and Makoto followed him. She explained about the mixer that she didn't really want to come. She asked if it's ok to not be with Yoko and couldn't contain her smile of relief when she said that. Hyuga just ignored her. The restaurant manager came along with bags of gifts. He presents to Hyuga this expensive looking dessert and present (looks like a perfume) with heart shape decorated on top. Not sure if it's really perfume or who it's for. Makoto ended up carrying the bags to his car and apologized profusely to him. She put all the bags in his car but didn't get on. Hyuga looks at her then the gift bags thinking something. Makoto suddenly laughs tiredly saying she'll do her job properly. Hyuga laughs asking "what are you talking about?" Makoto continues, "that's why whenever you're having a tough time please come and talk to me." Hyuga being Hyuga sarcastically say while smiling that he can't think of seeking advice from her. Makoto laughs awkwardly and agrees with him. But she still adds, "Whenever you need me don't hesitate to call me and I'll answer immediately." She keeps on talking really fast until Hyuga says, "Alright, I got it already." Then drives off. She looks at him sadly and says to herself," That's right. I should just do my job properly." Next scene is Makoto walking behind the crippled Asahina taking notes of his instructions. She bumped into his bag and he screamed because it hurts his feet (I think he's faking it). Makoto apologized and Asahina suddenly say he forgot something! It was his parking meter. I think he left his car there for 3 days(?) and the fine was 32,000 yen (~$340). That's just insane!! But Asahina said he can't drive it home so he suggested Makoto drive his car. She confidently agrees (I have a bad feeling about this…). Asahina is amused at the Makoto who is amazed at his car's high tech. Asahina tries to hold back his laughter while Makoto nervously starts the engine. Wow his car was a Lexus. She even took of her shoes lol. When the car started to move slowly then suddenly a black plastic bag got on the window which made Makoto scream like the end of the world. Asahina busted out laughing saying he can drive but Makoto insists on sending him home. She drives like 20mph on the highway. Asahina comments on how slow she's driving to which she says please don't talk to me while I'm driving! Asahina tries to make her relax by asking her a riddle. She got it correctly but then a big truck from behind honks at them which made her screaming "I'm sorryyyy!!" Makoto complains that she thought only Hyuga is mean and teases her but Asahina is also like Hyuga in that aspect. Asahina says sorry~ then he told her they already passed his home. Makoto panics "no way!" Then Asahina, "just kidding~". Makoto complains how Hyuga is like this and that and makes really cute faces when she talks about him even though she's complaining. Asahina comments how she just keeps talking about Hyuga all the time. Asahina asked if she likes Hyuga to which she denies "it's not like that at all" They got to his home safely (what a surprise!). Makoto stretches her shoulders out a little bit. Asahina said to her with a serious face, "Do you wanna take a rest. You can't go home yet…" Makoto is surprised and says "no, that's…" Asahina laughs and says "I'm just kidding!" Makoto started laughing too. Asahina suddenly saw his friend Tono waving at him. They're in the parking lot now. Asahina doesn't look happy. Makoto is about to turn around so Asahina suddenly hugs her to keep her from seeing Tono. Makoto is confused. Next scene, Makoto runs out of the apartment. She thinks about what just happened and decides she shouldn't pay attention to it. Asahina talking to Tono warn him not to come to his house. They might get found out that Asahina is in contact with Tono. Asahina shows Tono a USB that has the info of 5 mil people. Tono is shocked. He has a flashback of the time 3 of them and the the new startup Next Innovation. Asahina back then handed young Tono a marker and he wrote "If it's me then I can do it!" Tono ran to the office telling Hyuga and Asahina that Nihon Communication wants to partner with them. Tono is so excited but Hyuga is calm and didn't react much. Hyuga is eating a lollipop (the kind that Tono is eating now) and commenting Tono is such a small-minded man. Tono asks to withdraw from the team. Hyuga gave him the amount of money he invested in the beginning. Tono took the money and left. Then he read news about how NI and Hyuga had become big. Tono wanted to defeat Hyuga. Back to the present. Asahina handed Tono the USB and said he (Tono) is different from Hyuga. Tono started hacking people's info. That's how the situation of the last ep came to be. Hyuga is on TV talking about the leak. Makoto is watching with a worried face. They notice a big drop in the company's stock. Yasuoka told Makoto the president and company will be fine. Hyuga suddenly announces that everyone will be investigated. The employers didn't like that. The police came to investigate the company's employers and go through their belongings. Some of the girls suspect Makoto to be a spy since she went by a fake name before. Innovation stocks keep going down and everyone is in panic. Asahina could care less but he saw Makoto starring at Hyuga in the office. They have a meeting about the situation. Asahina wants Makoto to leave the project (probably for her own good) but she wants to continue working until the end. Hyuga said some mean words and tell her to quit. Makoto feels bitter but can't say anything. Makoto tries to do every little thing she could. Yasuoka tells her it will be ok with the president here. Makoto smiles and says Yasuoka really likes the president. Yasuoka smiles awkwardly, "Even though he never remembers my name." Makoto, "Let's do our best!" Yoko asked everyone in the restaurant to work on a new plan. People disagrees with her suggestion. She bowed and asked her to help her out. She told the rival chef to cook something he's good at. Yoko saw Makoto walk by with boxes. She asks if things are difficult for them now. Her brother didn't say anything so she doesn't know. Makoto says she can't do anything to help with the current situation. Yoko: "Even so you can still stay by his side." Makoto remembers when she told Yoko that she wants to stay by Hyuga's side. Makoto tells her she said something weird last time so please forget about it. Yoko and Hyuga really match it other well and go on blah blah. She says please don't worry about her feelings then run off. Next Innovation has the 5th meeting of potential shareholders (I think?). People demand an explanation from Hyuga. People are screaming at him. So out of order. People ask about the leak and what is Personal File. Hyuga just looks at them and not saying anything. Asahina just looks at the situation with a creepy look. Then a hand goes up. The person got handed a mic. He took off his cap and it shows he has blond hair which caused some noise in the crowd since everyone else is in suit. The guy said he is unemployed tho he's doing part-time now. He said he doesn't have much money but he still wants to invest in Next Innovation. He offers 200,000 yen (~$2300). Everyone laughs and makes fun of him and tells him to go home. Hyuga tells him to continue. The guy says he looks up NI and become Hyuga's fan. He thought what Hyuga and the company did was really amazing. He said many touching things about Hyuga. Makoto is moved to tears. The guy says it's regrettable that people cannot see and understand Hyuga's vision and so nothing can change. The guy sits down and the crowd becomes noisy again. Hyuga asks the guy to stand up one more time and walk toward him. Hyuga asks for his name. It's Sakai Takahiro. Hyuga bowed and apologized to the guy. Then he thanked him. He said he'll surely remember his name forever. Hyuga encourages the guy to give it a try with his job. He'll surely succeed someday. Hyuga promised to launch Personal File so please hold on to his investment until then. Someday he will surely asks for his help. It's so touching as we can see they're in tears. The guy smiles. The crowd goes crazy and Hyuga just walks to the backstage. Suddenly someone throws a tomato, then 2 to Hyuga's back. Hyyuga stops and looks at the old lady who throws the tomato at him. She yells at him if he has the money to buy and gift them such an expensive tomato then he can do something about this company. He didn't say anything and just bowed to them. The crowd shouted, "Are you running away?!?!" Hyuga walked past Makoto without saying a word. The aftermath of the meeting. The employees cleaned up the mess. One girl said how it's such a waste since it's such a good tomato. She asks Yasuoka to come to a mixer together. He asks how can she thinks of such a thing in the midst of crisis like this. She says sure. Makoto looks at the hall sadly and goest to Hyuga's office hearing Asahina screaming at Hyuga who just sits quietly not saying anything. Before leaving the office Asahina mentioned Sawaki Chihiro who is Hyuga's mom. He leaves and sees Makoto there who's about to say something but he stops her from saying anything. NI's stock drops to a new low. It's now 320 yen ($3.50) per share. Everyone in the company is worried except Asahina who enjoyed seeing NI goes down. Makoto comes to Hyuga's office to give Hyuga a towel. Hyuga asks if his mother is alive or dead. He says it's just like Asahina said. He really failed. Makoto teared up. Hyuga asked why she doesn't say anything. Makoto is about to say something but a girl interrupted saying some people want to see Hyuga. Hyuga asked Makoto and Asahina to go. He is red with tears >_< . Makoto told the girl she'll be right out and leaves. Hyuga looks at Makoto and Asahina leaving with the saddest face ever. When the 2 came back to the company Hyuga is gone. Makoto is worried and wants to give him a call but Asahina stops her. Makoto and Asahina works overtime at the company together. Makoto is sad about the company's situation. Asahina says some pretty words which made Makoto says she's glad that Asahina and Hyuga support each other no matter what happens (Makoto you can't be more wrong!!!). She goes on and says she envies Asahina because he's always able to help Hyuga out. That didn't make Asahina very happy. I guess he has a thing for her too. Hyuga is sitting alone in the corner of his house. Makoto and Asahina finished their work. I think I like the English version of the insert song! Hyuga suddenly remembers what Makoto said about calling her anytime and her face when she did the funny skit and smiled. He picked up his phone and start calling. Makoto walks into Hyuga's office and saw his white shirt tainted with tomato's juice. Asahina came in and flashback about the time when he hugged her started. At that time just laughed it off saying please stop joking and walked away. Now Asahina in the office told her he wasn't joking. Makoto didn't say anything. Makoto's phone is ringing. Hyuga is calling her! But she left her phone in the office! NOOO!!!! Asahina asked Makoto to give him a chance. Hyuga didn't get through Makoto T_T. He scoffs and said "you liar woman". Suddenly his door bell rings. He rushes to the door and opens the window. It was Yoko. She said can she come by? Hyuga says she already came and brought wine with her. They chatted about Asahina when he was in school and laughed. Hyuga said he's glad that she came to see him. Yoko says so is she and wonders if she should cook something but he probably doesn't have anything in his fridge. HIs phone started ringing. Hyuga tiredly pick himself up and walks toward the phone. Just as he's about to pick up the phone Yoko walks over and grabbed his hand. She says, "just forget about it for now." The phone is still ringing. She says she might be taking advantage of his situation but she came because she loves him. Then she leans forward and kissed him. Hyuga looks at her then he kissed her!!!!! To be continued! End of episode 6 ------------------------------------------------------------------ It's a bit long and took me sometimes to finish. Please forgive my grammatical mistakes here and there. I tried to finish it asap for you to read. Please share this to other RMPW fans!
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