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Apparently she does at least according to Fox News' "Medical A-Team" member Dr. Keith Ablow who said "Mrs Obama needs to drop a few pounds before she can give sound nutrition advice" while filming for the talk show Outnumbered. Speechless. This is just so infuriating. Most obviously, the idea that Michelle Obama needs to lose weight is utterly ridiculous. More importantly, whether or not you are an advocate of the First Lady's health initiative, attacking a woman's appearance as a means of discrediting her work is wildly offensive and incredibly sexist. What do you think?
Also look at the size of the guy who is talking?
Well do we take anything Fox News says seriously?
They're idiots! Interesting though, if Michele Obama is an example of needing to lose weight...then the 2 above are truly obese.
he can't be serious...
Reasons why I don't care for TV news...
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