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This article is a how-to guide for styling burgundy this season. The colour symbloises power, ambition, passion and sophistication. It is a bold colour that requires to be worn with intent. In this article we primarily focus on the colour scheme of the outfits and try to pair up burgundy with colours that will compliment it best. In light og that, the guide discusses the colour navy, black, beige, green, pink and grey. It also takes about the importance of accessories and how it can truly glam up and compliment burgundy. The guide suggests trying a trio of colours instead of just the pairs. It may be a statement fit but carried right, it will leave a lasting impression. The article is concluded on the note of introducing modora clothing to the reader and encourages them to shop online.
Burgundy is a deep red colour with a tint of purple. It takes its name from the Burgundy wine in France and represents sophistication. The colour symbolises luxury, a high-class society and indicates power and ambition. Perhaps the deep shade of red contributes to such strong attributes. This idea of feminine passion gives it a bold and confident element when it comes to fashion. For this reason, it's bound to make you feel confident and stunning, provided you style it with the right apparel, appropriate colours and fabric textures.
This article is a how-to guide for styling burgundy this season. Let's begin by looking at how you can style this luxurious colour.

1. Navy

Wear a navy blue knee-length fitted dress and carry a burgundy bag to compliment the look. Even though burgundy is a difficult colour to downplay, you can try and wear a burgundy sweater over a navy collared button-down and formal pants. It is a semi-formal look, appropriate as a multipurpose outfit for the days you dont have time to make a stop after work and change into a different outfit.

2. Black

Wear a silk burgundy dress and some black high heels for chic and graceful attire. You can get a burgundy satin dress here. If you're looking for something less strong than that, a black top of your choice and a burgundy skirt is a safer options. You can opt for both a pencil skirt or a leather skirt. Add a gold necklace as a finishing touch.

3. Beige

While there are many ways you can wear the combination of beige and burgundy, beige body con and a burgundy coat is sure to be a show stopper. It's effortless, and the colours truly live up to the standards.

4. Green

This may sound unconventional, but green is a great colour to pair with burgundy. It balances out the strong aura of burgundy and gives the outfit a soft and peaceful touch. Pair a burgundy fitted top with pastel green wide-legged pants. Add on a green handbag to provide it with an edge. Consequently, if you have a skirt to go with it, that will do the job just as well.

5. Pink

Believe it or not, burgundy and pink have to be one of the most feminine and exquisite colour combinations that you can wear. You can mix and match however you like. Try a burgundy skirt with a pink blouse or vice versa. This combination is worth a try with pants as well.

6. Grey

Much like green, grey also tones out the dominant features of the burgundy. A burgundy blouse with grey checkered pants looks effortless, and it is also a great balance between vigour and calm.

7. White

Pair your burgundy pants or leather skirt with a white blouse for a simple but chic outfit. Although burgundy outfits look best when worn with intent, white is a colour that can help with it looking effortless and yet stylish.

8. Accessories

Accessories are another way to make your outfits look classy and sophisticated. Carrying a burgundy bag with your outfits can easily add that graceful demeanour that comes with the colour. You can carry it with a beige or black coloured jumpsuit.
If you're looking to try some bold styles, you can use a contrast of burgundy with white and pink or green. Furthermore, you can try burgundy over monochromatic outfits.


Despite being a high-end colour, burgundy is versatile in many other ways. You can find various products, including burgundy leggings and burgundy tie-up tunics, online at Modora fashion is an online shopping platform that brings trendy designs and pieces inspired by influencers worldwide. Check them out and stay updated with the latest fashion trends.
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Unique Silk Sarees Styling :- The wedding season has begun in full swing, with people rushing into stores to buy the best ethnic wear. From lehengas to anarkalis to gowns, every woman is spending a bomb just to look her best during the festivities. But if you think you don’t belong to the trend and want to stick to a more traditional look, silk sarees should be the best for you.  Unique Silk Sarees Styling are an ideal option if you want to stick to the basics and yet look unique. Instead of racking your brains in bargaining with the vendor to get your hands on that gown that most guests at the wedding will be wearing anyway, why not wear a silk saree instead? But if you don’t want to pull a cliched look wearing ethnic gear, how about you add a bit of zing to your style? We show you different ways to wear silk sarees so you can stand out from the crowd.  Add a belt: If you’re running out of time but yet want to add a zing to your regular saree draping style, just wear a belt over it. For a traditional approach, you can opt for a classic Kamar bandh that should match your overall jewellery. If you want to add a modern twist to your look, you can opt for a corset-style belt that will highlight your beautiful curves. Dhoti style: If you’re known for your quirky sense of style, why not take it up by a notch when you wear your silk saree at a wedding? Instead of wearing a petticoat under your saree, wear matching leggings and drape the saree in a dhoti style. This will not only look stylish but will also make it comfortable for you to walk and dance during the festivities. Neck drape style: If you’re dying to create a memorable look at the wedding, bring a twist in your pallu draping style. The best you can do is wear your pallu like a scarf, around your neck. Make sure to keep the length of your pallu a bit longer to nail this Bohemian style. The butterfly style: Create an illusion of a taller and slender figure with this style of draping your saree. All you need to do is make extra thin pleats of your pallu and then pin it over your shoulder. This is the best style if you want to highlight your hourglass figure. The front pallu style: If the blouse of your saree features an elaborate and intricate design, this should be your go-to style. Instead of carrying over the pallu to your left shoulder, carry it from the back over to your right shoulder. You can spread out the pleats to nail the Gujarati style or simply let it if you want to draw attention to your beautiful blouse design. Unique Silk Sarees Styling Accessories your traditional look with either gold, silver or oxidized jewellery and wear either traditional flats or go full-on chic with heels. Wear your hair down in either a straight style or opt for a classic bun to complement your look.
How To Groom An Affordable Human Hair Wig For More Volume?
No matter what style you need, learning how to make your wig look fuller and voluminous can be useful. Can I comb the lace wig? Of course, we can also comb the lace front wig. There are many benefits to combing the wig, which can make the HD wigs more full, fluffy, and full of energy. But this inevitably leads to your wig becoming messy and tangled. So, when combing a 6x6 closure wig, there are some details that need to pay attention to and must be careful enough. You need to pay attention to how your wig is groomed, too much combing can damage your wig. How to comb a lace wig? We will show you in as much detail as possible how to groom affordable human hair frontals and bundles wig for more volume. Prepare the tools you need before you start and place your wig in a wig rack. 1. Comb and curl your lace wig First, we need to comb the straight wig with a wide tooth comb so the hair doesn't tangle. You can then curl your wig to make it look looser than a straight wig. If you are using a human hair wig, you can use a curling iron to curl it. If you are using a synthetic wig, you are advised to use a roller as it is less heat resistant. Pull out a section of hair and wind the ends around the roller, then slowly roll it to the bottom. Use some long pins to secure the drum. Now repeat the process, wrapping the drum until all the hair is finished. Let it stay like this all night. If you have an evaporation cap, it works even better. Wait until the next morning. 2. Comb your hair Take a section of hair and brush it from the third part of the hair. Do not brush straight up and down when combing. You can do a more circular motion. Comb your hair back. You get hair that looks like a cloud, clumping around the roots and giving your hair a very fluffy look. You don't have to comb all your hair, just in areas where you want it to look fuller. It's just a matter of preference. Be patient during the grooming process, treat your wig gently and avoid tangles. 3. Brush your hair again Repeat the above steps to get more hair collected at the roots, creating a certain height. And it looks plump, too. 4. Smooth your hair After completing the above steps, brush gently bit by bit with a brush on the hair surface, making it smoother. Doing so will make it look more natural. 5. Keep style longer The final step is to use some styling spray to make your hair last longer. What other questions about wigs are bothering you? Feel free to leave a message in the comments section, or check other content on the blog's homepage, it may also give you useful answers.
Helpful Guide To Shop Messenger Bags
Source: Messenger Bags Gentcreate: Source: -MESSENGER BAGS AND ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THEM Which Types of Messenger Bags Exist? - Messenger bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own distinct features. Some of the most common messenger bag styles include: 1. Classic Messenger Bag • Classic messenger bag: This style is typically characterized by a rectangular shape, a flap closure, and a long strap that can be worn across the body.  2. Courier Bag • Courier bag: A distinct bag indeed, this bag is similar to the classic messenger bag, but is often smaller in size and has a shorter strap that is meant to be worn over one shoulder instead of being worn crossbody or in any other way. 3. Backpack Messenger Bag • Backpack messenger bag: One of the most unique designs definitely, this bag combines the features of a backpack and a messenger bag, and is typically larger in size than other messenger bag styles. It usually has a flap closure and one or two straps that can be worn over the shoulders. 4. Laptop Messenger Bag • Laptop messenger bag: This easily distinguishable bag is specifically constructed to carry a laptop, and often has a padded compartment for the device itself. It may also have additional compartments and pockets for other items, and usually has a strap that can be worn over the shoulder, quite the classic, but with a modern twist. 5. Satchel Messenger Bag • Satchel: A more sophisticated take on the messenger bag, satchels are often made of high-quality materials and feature a structured design. They may have a flap closure, a briefcase-style handle, or both, and usually have a strap that can be worn over the shoulder. 6. Messenger Briefcase • Messenger briefcase: A great option for businessmen or women on the go, this bag features a more rigid design than other messenger bags as it was mainly designed for short use during office hours. In addition to that, this bag often isn't actually worn but is made to transfer stuff from your home to the office, then to keep your stuff secure while you work. This bag typically has a sleek design and is made of leather or another high-quality material. It has a flap closure and a strap that can be worn over the shoulder and often features additional compartments and pockets for organization. 7. Crossbody Messenger Bag  • Crossbody messenger bag: A brother to the classic messenger bag, but with ergometry in mind, and with a strap that goes across the body instead of just over one shoulder. This makes it more comfortable to wear for long periods of time and helps distribute the weight of the bag more evenly, in addition to that it can be switched between shoulders to ease the stress caused by wearing a bag for too long. Browse messenger bags here: