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"How The Sun Sees You" In 2012 melanoma occurred in 232,000 people and result in 55,000 deaths. Often times people are surprised when they discover they have skin cancer. Although you skin may look fine, ultraviolet light gives us the opportunity to see the full extent of the sun's damage to your skin. Often times cyclists ride for hours on end in the sun and heat. Even when we don't see the sun, the sun's rays are damaging our skin as we ride. Hopefully this video will encourage you to put on some damn sunscreen!
I definitely dont want to see how i'd come out in that light!
I will not be forgetting my sunscreen anytime soon after watching this!!!
sunblock is awesome, never leave home w/o it!
I don't even want to know what I look like. Growing up in California as an irresponsible kid did terrible things to my skin
@flourmaniac Did you see how sunscreen looks under the lights? I had no idea!