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In my opinion, if you can't fish live minnows, you want to use a crappie specific rig. This is a great basic crappie fishing rig and has always found me success. It's called the "Electric Chicken." These are simpler to use in some senses than live bait because you don't have to change it every cast, and can just enjoy the simple cast and fish. This simply means that once your lure is working fine; there is every possibility to use for the next catch. It is a good idea to use both the live bait and artificial lures, but you gotta know a god jig to be able to have as much success with them. In fact, combining live baits with crappie jigs is the best possible method of crappie fishing. Jigs have the capability of displaying the appearance and movement of fish. Jigs also have the ability to parade and follow crappies feeding attitude. One big problem with jibs is that they can't be as buoyant or have the smell of a real fish. Joining the lures together will help fishermen find total success. For your fishing trap to look natural, adding a live minnow remains great. When it gets down to it, patience is all you need when speculating for more crappies. Going for light and small jigs can help greatly. Provided you are plunge deep into the water, catching more crappies will never be a problem. Live or jig: no matter what you choose, you just gotta do it right and you'll be catching crappie!
@happyrock no problem
@dougjohnson Thanks, good to know. I just don't really like the idea of live minnows added to my jigs
@happyrock they are less effective but when it comes down to it its whatever youre more comfortable with
im not a fan of live minnows.. are plain jigs really that much less effective? @dougjohnson
@mcgraffy just a typo, sorry mike. ill fix it.
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