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While jigs are very effective crappie lures, don't limit your lure selection to jigs alone. Other artificial lures may work better in certain situations, and you've got to be willing to extend beyond those lures to try something new that can also find you success. For example, if you're fishing from a pond bank, a spinner may be easier to cast and retrieve longer distances without snagging, which can be ideal for crappie fishing. A jigging spoon falls more quickly than a jig to deep-water for summer and winter crappie fishing. A vibrating bladebait often nabs more crappie in moving river waters. Carry a selection of different crappie catchers, and use each when appropriate depending on the conditions!
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so jigs, jigging spoon, and bladebaits is enough for year round crappies?
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I have never found success on the bladebajt @dougjohnson how do you use it?
3 years ago·Reply
@yakwithalan @dougjohnson I dont even know what a bladebait is :(
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@fallingwater @yakwithalan @mcgraffy I'll make some cards about bladebaits soon
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@dougjohnson Thanks, can't wait to see them
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