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Sometimes, the crappie just aren't biting. You know they're there, you got a few, but you aren't hitting the numbers you know are possible. To fix this, add some embellishment! A plain jig, minnow or other lure might not work as well as one embellished in some way. If crappie won't hit your jig, for example, try tipping the jig with a small minnow. This will make the overall presentation of the jig more appealing, make the movement more attractive, and add the right scent. If you can't add a live minnow, an added scent product also may help—on spoons and other lures, too. Not getting a nibble on your minnow? Try clipping off one corner of its tail so it swims like it's injured. Or, make sure to use a red hook (if you aren't already) so its mouth looks a little bloody: crappie will go for injured minnows much better! Such embellishments often mean the difference between no bite and lots of bites.
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Do you have any particular scent brand you recommend/
@mcgraffy nah I just get whats on sale or cheaper, there's been a few different ones that have worked well enough for me.
@dougjohnson Alright thanks