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Line Color for Crappie Fishing
Line colors for crappie fishing really depend on what you're fishing, but if you're like me and you like fishing jigs for sensitivity, you're going to want to get a line that both lets you see and feel the action on the jig for you. I used to use clear mono exclusively, until last fall. After fishing side-by-side with hi-vis users, and watching them catch 2 to my 1, I switched. I think I have caught more fish since switching. Typically, I use Stren Hi-Vis gold in 4 lb test for casting. Mainly because it was cheap, and I couldn't find the Viscous when I was looking. I am about ready to get a spool of Hi-Vis Green Viscous from Monk's. The colors I've had the best luck with are yellows and golds, in hi-vis. The action weight and other aspects of the line are going to depend on your specific rod, but I highly recommend hi-vis lines for crappie fishing.
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I don't do much crappie fishing but you're right ins aying that those I see catching more crappie have hi-visibility lines. Good points @dougjohnson
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why does hi-vis work better? @dougjohnson
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Nice tips, thanks @dougjohnson
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@happyrock You can see the action and it gets the crappie's attention
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@dougjohnson Thanks doug!
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