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Pinca is a rich yeast dough, made with a lot of butter (sometimes lard) and eggs, flavored with citrus zest, candied and/or dried fruit, rum or rosewater. In the past, pinca was the pride of almost every household, each had their own family recipe. It was traditionally made on the Saturday and baked on Easter morning. I, like the author of this recipe, tried several different pinca recipes and just didn't like them! There were just okay while hot, and got way too hard once they cooled down. Nothing special. Make sure to try this recipe, and then try it with some butter and a cup of tea or coffee! I prefer tea, but coffee works well, too. This takes a lot of time, so make sure to consider that before trying the recipe!
@kristenadams it's definitely rich, but surprisingly good that way!
I'll pass on the lard, but everything else sounds yummy!