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In the steamy heart of Spain, among the busy streets of Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, there traveled a trio of Loaded Ambassadors by the names of Adam Colton, Daniel Fissmer, and Ethan Cochard. Make sure to check out the trick at the end, pretty crazy! I don't even know what to call it.. Setups: Adam Colton - Loaded Flex 2 Bhangra, Paris 180's, Orangatang Fat Frees 86a Daniel Fissmer - Loaded Overland, Caliber 9's, Orangatang Kilmers 80a Ethan Cochard - Loaded Tesseract, Caliber II's, Orangatang Keanus 86a Alberto Alepuz - Loaded Tesseract, Aeras, Orangatang Keanus 86a Daniel Sam - Loaded Flex 2 Bhangra, Paris 180's, Orangatang Keanus 80a
What in the hell is that last trick? Some kind of weird peter pan something or other?
@TeamWaffles Not a clue lol