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Motorcycle Driving and Safety

There are numerous measures you can practice to make sure that your motorcycle is prepared for the ride. You can start by reviewing your bike's user guide to familiarize yourself with the specifics that you will need to maintain your motorcycle.
Motorcycles should be tested and inspected more frequently than other vehicles. Check your tires first and foremost. If there are foreign objects lodged in your thread or serious abrasions in your tires, you may be vulnerable to a mishap. In addition, keep an eye on your tire pressure with your own personal gauge. Gas station gauges can be unreliable as a result of the frequency of which customers use them.
After that, test your lights, signals, controls, side mirrors and horns to make sure they are functional. Check your oil, gasoline, and coolant levels; lower levels of these fluids might cause your bike to come to an abrupt stop.
And finally, try out your braking system as you roll off to make sure they are functioning properly.
Once on the Highway
Once you're on the highway, line of sight is vital. Make use of the front lights both during day time and night time. Make use of turn signals whenever you change lanes or turning. Keep away from positioning yourself at the rear of big vehicles or in other vehicles' blind spots. Should not be afraid to use your horn to let other road users know where you are either, particularly when they're getting too close to your motorcycle. Many crashes occur simply because drivers do not pay enough attention to riders. Always be watchful for possible hazards and ride defensively.
If you are driving in traffic at speeds under 40 mph, try to keep a 2 second gap between you and the vehicle before you. However, if you're on open road like the highway, you may broaden that gap to several seconds, depending on your velocity.
When moving past other motorists, be smart. Make sure to check your blind spot for other bigger vehicles, or motorbikes, and ensure you are at the least two seconds behind the car you wish to pass by. If you are nearing a turn or maybe a corner, hold back until the path straightens just before driving past another automobile.
If you love motorbikes, no doubt you've shared the fun of riding with a friend. Most likely you have ridden as a passenger on a pal's bike your self. Either way, it is very important you are aware how to cope with having a passenger on your own motorcycle.
To begin with, be sure your motorbike is meant and set up to hold a passenger. Extra weight of an added rider influences acceleration and speed, stopping, and turning on curves. If your motorcycle isn't meant to have a passenger, those simple actions could lead to a devastating end result. With the similar effect, be conscious of your bike's weight limit. Most importantly you should find the best helmet for passengers.
Please remember that driving past other vehicles will need more time and space, the impact of the wind could be more distinct, and quick stops could potentially cause passengers to move forward and bang their headgear with yours.
Last but not least, tell your passenger of basic safety concerns. Advise them to keep their legs away from the pipe or other hot parts of your motorbike to prevent burns. Teach them to keep unnecessary movement to a minimum, and provide them a reasonable time frame to adjust to the pace of riding and the feeling of leaning before squeezing your Harley hand grips and boost your motorcycle.
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