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is it just me or does anyone else too finds way too many similarities in these shows? the titles are similar.. sulli & hyun woo resemble shin hye & hongki.. while minho & sulli remind me of yong hwa & shin hye.. they have role reversal in both except on different backgroung..similar hair cutting scenes.. water scene and even they have similar scene with dogs!!! way too similar
jus choose for pete's sake n unnie, u cmn p.e 2maro???
Cant choose cuz i love both of them
hehe..agree totally.. i was a you're beautiful addict too..watched it during my final exams... watched over 50 the extent that my friends actually started calling me go mi nam!
The only similar thing is that girl pretends a guy) I like both dramas very much. I was watching "You're beautiful" 50 times for sure. Everywhere,:on my iphone in subway, at home, at my friends houses.....i was kind of obsessed with it . The same with "To the beautiful you": i was watching without subtitles, on live streaming and counted days to the next episode. This kind of dramas are fairy tales, which is very likable to watch. Regarding similarity you can say it about all dramas. Each drama have parents against couple, memory loss, couple fights and then falling for each other, and many many more but you can't say THEY ALL THE SAME.
sorry.. let's stick with 2 types of cherries!
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