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Lee Joon Gi’s fans have collectively donated 10 tons of rice in support of the actor. The press conference for MBC’s Arang and the Magistrate was held on August 10 at Seoul’s Grand Ambassador Hotel. Attendees for the event were astounded to see stacks of congratulatory rice wreaths lined up at the event, sent by Lee Joon Gi’s fans from all over the world. In total, some 10 tons of rice were collected in all, sent from as far away as Thailand, Singapore Romania and more. Lee Joon Gi’s agency, IMX, expressed its gratitude towards Lee Joon Gi’s fans saying, “We heard the fans from abroad began collecting rice from three months ago. We sincerely thank all the fans who sent the rice. We will discuss with Lee Joon Gi where to donate them and will donate all the rice.” Arang and the Magistrate premieres on August 15. Photo credit: IMX via Enewsworld