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Lee Min Ho made it clear that his fans were the ones that were keeping him up at the top. Before the first broadcast of the SBS drama Faith, which is to air on August 13, Lee Min Ho spoke up through his agency Starhaus Entertainment. The actor said, “I’ve worked hard for the last three months, and now I just wait for the will of the heavens.” He then added in thanks to his fans, “They say Koreans run on rice, but I run on my fans’ love.” Lee Min Ho’s fans are especially famous for their support and love. At the press conference for Faith held on August 9, fans from 17 countries across the world sent in 15 tons of rice wreaths, and the drama’s viewer boards were flooded with posts cheering Lee Min Ho on. 1,000 Chinese fans even previously donated 84,000 yuan to UNICEF to wish the drama a success. Many evaluate that Lee Min Ho’s love for his fans in return helped cultivate this healthy relationship. Lee Min Ho continues to communicate with more than 12 million netizens through Twitter, Facebook and Weibo, a number that makes him one of the most followed figures among celebrities, sports stars and entrepreneurs on social networks. On this, a rep from Lee Min Ho’s agency said, “We believe [these good deeds are] the result of the truthful conversations he held through social networks, in which he continued to talk about how he was doing and asked his fans how they were doing also.” In Faith, Lee Min Ho plans to show off a wide array of charms through the Goryeo warrior Choi Young. Photo credit: Hea Jung Min via Enewsworld
should I be flattered or humiliated by the fact that I just bought that jacket ? ( I'm a girl.....)
Thank you for such beautiful words even though you are in the best of your career already..and you still remember that we are your fans.....I'm always here for you to support and watch your hard work as excellent actor Saranghae Lee Min ho..never change ok fighting!!!
lindo, me encanta ! podrían en todo caso dar su face y su twitter real, para estar un poco más comunicado.
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